Lucky Beach (Brighton)

The sun, the sand (pebbles in this case), the salty smell of the sea and cool winds. That pretty much summed up my day in Brighton. Having spent a good part of the day exploring the length of the beach and the town, I was dying to rest my aching muscles and settle down for a fine lunch. And wIth plenty of small cafés dotted across the sidewalk, I was spoilt for choice. But not all of them can be great now can they? I decided to skip past all the dull shacks serving sea food in some form or the other and wandered into a rather nice looking one (where they were also kind enough to lay out a bowl of water for the passing dogs to lap up).


New to the Brighton scene and dishing out some mean burgers to keep the beach folk happy, this retro beach shack has got what it takes to be the face of Brighton’s burger scene (conditional on Brighton having one). A quick chat with the server assured me that I was in the right place. Warm, inviting and friendly – not the description I would generally use when speaking of the servers in London. You could pop in for a full English breakfast, grab a salad or sandwich for lunch or devour a burger for dinner. And not to forget, a selection of smoothies, coffees, local and foreign beers and wines to wash your meals down with. If that’s what you like of course. The menu on the website has a little more to it now than it did during my visit a couple of weeks ago, so that’s more to choose from on the next visit.

Pictured below is the ‘Smokey Bacon Burger’ with a portion of fries. A finely crafted burger – two 35 day aged beef patties, crisp bacon strips, smokey mayo and ketchup, lettuce and pickled onions – in a seeded brioche bun.
The two patties were succulent and not too thick which made polishing it off easier and  the skin on fries were crisp but not to the point of overdoing it and perfectly salted.


I know a hot chocolate isn’t the perfect way to wash down a burger but hey, I’m not complaining. A hot drink by the beach on a cold day; it takes something to beat that doesn’t it?

A comfortable wooden beach interior plus bar, and plenty of tables out by the sea side to help you indulge in people watching, sea gull spotting or simply just to gaze out at the blue seas and soak in some fresh air. Go on, you know you need that it. Plus, I really like their website which you can check out here – Lucky Beach.

I almost forgot. A great burger, perfect fries, a fine hot chocolate, beach side views – all for less than £12. Tell me something that can beat that.



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