Street Kitchen

IMG_20130412_181454You don’t have to look too far to find good street food options in London. And with summer trying to break in, you can expect to see a number of street food events lined up in the next few months. One such spot housing ‘Street Kitchen’, ‘Yalla Yalla’ and ‘Engine’ can be found on the Shoreditch High Street; behind a mish-mash of a chained fence, red plastic drapes and gravel underfoot. Having done a previous review of Yalla Yalla on Oxford Street, here’s one about ‘Street Kitchen’ this time.

IMG_20130412_180044Set up at three distinct locations around London with the launch of the fourth just a couple of days away, Street Kitchen has made a name for itself in the street food circuit in London already. That’s bound to happen if you love what you’re doing isn’t it? Their website says, “Our simple and healthy bistro style dishes are served in take away boxes from three locations around London. We use 100% UK ingredients sourced directly from farms so the produce is super fresh and super tasty.” They list their suppliers as well if you want to give it a look here, Street Kitchen. I can’t argue much with the freshness since the food did taste good.

Over a couple of visits, I tried their ‘Crispy chicken with warm IMG_20130405_141040crushed potatoes, pickled red onions, smoked bacon, croutons, soft lettuce and a Winchy mayo.’ and the ‘Buffalo Bill Burger’ along with their ‘Skin on Chips’.

The ‘crispy chicken’ meal is a salad dish with the added chicken and bacon toppings. I was a little disappointed with the it though as it just didn’t have the chicken as ‘crispy’ as promised. That’s right. No crispness equals just cooked chicken. Luckily, the bacon and croutons saved the day. And since they’d run out of lettuce during lunch time, I had it substituted for a herb salad which delivered a spring to the meal. Could it have been better? Yes.

IMG_20130412_182514The ‘Buffalo Bill Burger’ is everything a quick street gourmet burger should be. Minimal and non fussy. A well grilled, thick, juicy and textured beef patty, a nicely toasted brioche, and with the special smoked grain mustard mayo and pickled onions over a bed of lettuce. Is your mouth watering already? Go on, you know you want it. You could get a large quantity of chips along with it but be warned that it’s the sweet chips and could take some getting used to with a burger. IMG_20130412_182359

Friendly staff and a great setting for an evening and good, reasonably priced food could well draw the Shoreditch crowd there quite often.
For more information, visit Zomato.


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