IMG_20130222_155644Wafflemeister could very well be London’s worst kept waffle secret. With traditional Belgian waffle family recipes dating back to the 1950s and over a decade since they first set up shop, they’ve ensured that London knows where to go for a good waffle.

IMG_20130222_155451You can smell the sweet and warmly delicious waffles from quite some way off as you walk along Bond Street and you’ll find that you are not the only one with a keen dog like sense of smell. You’re pretty likely to find a queue of people waiting on the pavement for their waffle dose as well. Chocolate, strawberry, cookies and marshmallows. You can pretty much ‘go bananas’ with your choices. That, by the way is a waffle choice too. And if you’re in the mood for just a scoop or cone of gelato, you could do that too..

There are but a few things that could beat a nice, soft, warm waffle drizzled with your favourite toppings and a scoop of gelato after a day spent shopping. Go on, you deserve it.

For the menu and more, visit Zomato.


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