SushiSamba Cocktail Bar

IMG_20130322_232026With a commanding and unparalleled view of the London skyline from atop the 39th floor of the Heron Tower, the U.S based Sushisamba sure knows how to draw a crowd. Shoot up quickly in the London sky via a lift and watch London fall beneath your feet in a mere matter of seconds before you enter either the Sushisamba restaurant on the 38th floor or the bar on the 39th. There’s no denying that they’ve certainly done an incredible job with location and maybe could have the best view from any of their restaurants across the U.S and London. Look down up the Thames, the Tower Bridge, see the dome of the St.Paul’s and the iconic Gherkin right next door -you could almost reach out and touch it.

The restaurant serves up an interesting mix of Japanese and Brazilian which is not very surprising given a sizeable Japanese population in Brazil. But I’ll leave the restaurant review for another day. The bar on the other hand has an eclectic design, an elegant atmosphere and a crowd who wants to be seen here and are dressed to impress. The lounge bar is divided into a couple of interior and spacious sections with incredible views and also a rooftop bar. But in order to keep drawing the crowd, they could innovate their cocktail list which is fairly limited and pedestrian. A few food platters of sushi and spring rolls will keep you occupied on the food front. But, a service charge for unsatisfactory service doesn’t help their cause.

IMG_20130322_232037All said, Sushisamba’s forte is the view it offers and that alone will keep drawing the crowds.




For directions and more, visit Zomato.


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