Shoreditch Grind

IMG_20130301_174142A coffee bar on the ground floor and a music recording studio on the first. That’s something you don’t get to see too often. Shoreditch Grind is just that. Occupying quite a spot by the Old Street roundabout, this coffee bar also morphs into a full fledged cocktail bar at night. The big, round and black building with a red umbrella structure on the top and a cinema sign displaying different slogans on different days is probably something of an iconic structure of the East End now. And when the sun shines, you can even take your cuppa coffee to the benches under the tree right outside.

IMG_20130301_180235-The interiors are very Shoreditch-ish with large windows, exposed white brickwork, the worn out tables, candles on bottles and low hanging black light-shades. But it does lack a little bit of a final polish. The barista and server seemed a little confused the evening I was there and a few smiles shouldn’t hurt them. The place definitely sees a good number of people pass through its doors which could explain why they ran out of everything to eat (including the baked goods which are supposed to be all day) by 4:00 p.m. on a Friday evening. They had just one slice of the red velvet cake remaining so I ended up with that and a hot chocolate. The cake was fabulous. Sweet and airy with a slightly thick icing. The hot chocolate was also one of the better one’s I’ve had and they even created latte art on it. Not something I usually see happening with hot chocolate. The coffee beans they use are their own blend and made to their specifications and has quite a fan following in the area. And if you want, you can also purchase them from the store.


Is this one of those independent coffee shops that is here to make its mark? It certainly does look like it.

For the menu, directions and more, visit Zomato.


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