Simply Fish

IMG_20130406_182338A sunny day in London and what do I want to do? Eat fish.  I’ve taken an extreme disliking to the quintessential U.K.  ‘fish and chips’ – which is greasy and frankly quite bland – after being let down by every spot in London I’ve tried it from. So imagine my delight when Simply Fish decided to launch their second spot in London at Shoreditch. Just a hop, skip and jump away from me.  I smelled good times to come. Having seen good reviews of the place, I was itching to try it out and praying to the sun to show itself so that I could have a nice sunny feast.

Simply put, ‘Simply Fish’ does exactly what its name tells you. Good fish sourced fresh from Cornwall each day cooked to your liking. For people who would prefer to not rack their head much to construct a meal and would rather just order from the menu, don’t be disheartened. It’s a ‘simple’ ordering process.

1. You choose your fish (from eight choices usually).
2. You choose how you want it cooked.
3. You choose the accompanying sauce.
4. You choose two sides ;

And voila, there you have it. Fish, cooked your way at £12.50. They have a few small platters of mussels, squids and the like and even some non-seafood dishes such as steak and cottage pie if you’re in the mood for that but I’ll definitely ask you to pick the fish.

IMG_20130406_182449After placing our orders, we were served with a complimentary glass of wine and a bowl of fried ‘white bait’ in their skin along with roasted groundnuts. A good start. I chose the pan-fried ‘sea bass’ with salsa verde sauce and a herb salad and fries (not chips) as the sides. A clean and winning presentation of the meal already gave it brownie points before I started digging in. And let me tell you this, the meal was delightful. The fish was soft, juicy and with a lot of flavor and was nicely complemented by the server recommended salsa verde. Crisp and non -oily fries and a fresh herb salad completed the meal. The wine served was also smooth, light and just perfect for the weather and the fish.

IMG_20130406_154537Located at Boxpark, it’s a perfect spot for a seafood feast especially when the sun is out and you can dine outside on the benches. The interiors are simple with lightly colored woodwork all around and the same with the seating as well. The interior of the restaurant, right next to the open kitchen, seemed to have its lights off and was pretty dark even with the sunlight streaming in. But, a nice and pleasant environment with the latest in music being played through the speakers. There was only one server and a chef, but they were friendly and extremely efficient and we had the food on the table in minutes. Finally a place where they serve fish and chips, but not in the usual manner (They do have the usual on the menu as well if you like). Would I go here again? Definitely, without a doubt.

For the menu and more, visit Zomato


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