Bukowski Grill

IMG_20130303_002035If you find yourself on Shoreditch High Street, the line of black shipping containers turned into a pop up mall won’t miss your attention. If you’re craving a burger then head straight up the flight of stairs and into Bukowski Grill, a burger joint with minimal rustic furnishing that sits well with the whole stripped down (though hip) mall atmosphere. A few benches and hanging shades, a single chef and server doing the burger grilling and flipping, you might as well be in a slightly pimped up American street diner. A new month brings you a new burger and for me, that was ‘The Wise Guy’ burger. A moist, juicy, beef patty topped with smoked mozzarella, sense coppa and balsamic onions with mayo, lettuce and tomato served with a toasted brioche bun. Mind blowingly delicious right up till that last bite you shove into that meat craving mouth of yours. With other quirkily named burgers such as the ‘Mother F Burger’ and ‘The Fat Gringo’ and great thick cut (triple cooked and fried in beef dripping) chips, you know you want to be seen and heard here.


For the menu, directions and more, visit Zomato.


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