Haché Burgers

IMG_20130227_194851-When Haché Burgers opened up their newest joint in Shoreditch, who should be there on the opening night? Well, yours truly of course. Chandeliered ceilings, flowers and candles on the table; wait, you say, am I still speaking about a burger joint? Yes. Hache restaurants are unlike any other burger joints you will find and it is probably some place where your girlfriend will drag you for a burger and not you drag her. The setting is too romantic to be chomping on and slurping your way through juicy burgers. But maybe it will be the perfect place for guys to take a girl out on a first date to. Candles and flowers for the girl, burgers for the guy. Well, you could do it if you don’t want a second date.
Opening night and they seemed to be still getting a few last things in order but the service was friendly and quick (except for one chap) and we were offered a complimentary glass of ‘Prosseco’. The place filled up quickly as well.

IMG_20130227_200120-But I digress, I’m here to talk about the burgers. Beef, chicken, lamb, duck, fish, vegetarian, yeah they’ve got it all along with a few starters, sides and salads. You might take a while to make a pick but you’ll get there in the end. I went in with the ‘Lamb Moroccan’ served with a spicy harissa dip and chose a brioche bun to go with it (they offer ciabatta as well). After going in with a lot of expectations about their burgers, I was a little disappointed when the burger arrived and I found all the veggies on the bottom bun. For me, that’s a cardinal sin when it comes to enjoying a good burger. My friend who picked a ‘Steak Bavarian Burger’ topped with a healthy amount of Bavarian cheese loved his burger however so maybe the next time I should pick something out of their beefy list as well. We also picked the potato wedges picked as a side which were nice and crunchy.

IMG_20130227_203814-When the server came over at the end of the meal and asked if we wanted dessert, how could I say no? So, I decided to have their ‘Banoffee Pie’ which turned out to be delicious. Rich and cheesy for the most part with a crunchy biscuit and banana base, they say on their menu that it might take two to finish, but hey, not me; I can handle my dessert.

Overall, it’s a nice place for a burger stop and maybe a bit of lingering around in the candle light for after but maybe another visit will give them a chance to blow my mind away with their burgers.

For the menu and more, visit http://www.zomato.com/london/hache-burger-shoreditch


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