Alphabet City

Step into a black curtained doorway from the O2 atrium and a collection of rock music photographic prints leads you up the winding staircase up to the second floor lounge and bar of ‘Alphabet City’. IMG_20130301_221951-
The first words out of my mouth as I stepped in was ‘wow’. The lounge is a far cry from the hip and trendy dimly lit up lounges playing the latest in trance and perfect for a pre-theatre or post-theatre drink.

IMG_20130301_221958If you love rock and feel like a rockstar, this is a place to be. If you imagine yourself to be important enough to be enjoying old school club gatherings where the gentlemen smoke their cigars, this is the place to be. The lounge is luxuriant with an eclectic design of black and red vintage leather club sofas and cushions, pillars and guitars. You don’t have to worry about stepping on anyone’s toes here as the place is huge and not cramped in the least bit. And sometime in the middle of your gathering if you fancy shooting a game of billiards on a table with a bed of the ‘Stars and Stripes’ whilst surrounded by sofas covered in the design of the ‘Union Jack’,set forth comrade. A small stage for live performances, DJs and a long bar complete the lounge lit up by small overhead lamps and candles.

IMG_20130301_222006-The food menu is limited and covers just a few small eats, and the drinks list isn’t never ending as well. But if you want to experience a more relaxed and laidback lounge but classy and elegant as well at the same time, this is definitely the place.

They do house an informal restaurant on the first floor which should assuage your pangs of hunger if any but I didn’t get a peek at it. Something of a surprise was that for a place of such class, the lounge was empty on a Friday night. Trying to find some information on this led me to what’s what behind this. Various websites tell me that it’s a members-only lounge. Now how did we manage to let ourselves be admitted inside? Well that’s a story for another day and honestly, even I don’t know, but I’ll take it anyway.

For directions, more pictures and the menu, visit



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