What do you do need when it’s chilly and the weekend? Why, good food of course.

A packed house at the bar

A packed house at the bar

And where did you have to be to get that during March 7th to 10th? I’m sure everyone in London knows the answer to that;  Tobacco Docks for a good long street style feast.

Ticket in hand and braving the chills of the opening night, I set out to explore the paths laid out by the folks at Feast (The ticket cost £10 by the way which could arguably be on the higher side). Stall after stall were laid out over two floors in a candle lit atmosphere and a live band singing and stringing a cello. Was that a cello? I’m not too sure but I’m here to talk about the food. I do regret having had a late lunch that day though which meant that I didn’t have much room for an early dinner. Shucks!

IMG_20130307_185500-Pizzas, pastas, burgers and sliders, gourmet sandwiches, pies, hot dogs, Indian fast food, fine dining street food with a twist, ramen, seafood,  meringues, waffles, beer and spirits, coconut drinks. Have I missed out on anything? I guess not because the people behind Feast seemed to have everything covered to satiate anyone’s palate. It was food porn heaven if you will.

I could name a few of the restaurants but then I would be biased wouldn’t I. I’ll just stick to what I decided to go with that night. A Lamb Raan Bun from ‘Dishoom’ and a special dessert from the ‘Meringue Girls’.

I could go back to ‘Dishoom’ just for this meal. At Feast, it was served along with a piping hot ‘Masala Chai’ which was a perfect accompaniment to the slightly spicy sandwich of sorts. Generous amounts of spiced, shredded and juicy lamb heaped onto a sourdough bun along with onions and green leaves. A tiny taste of India in a bun. With chillies on the side, there was some extra spice for those looking out for it. Served with a crunchy salad and potato sticks on the side, the entire meal including the tea was delicious.






Who doesn’t love Meringue! And according to the girls behind the aptly named ‘Meringue Girls’, this is the age of the meringues and I couldn’t agree more. My sweet tooth did certainly enjoy their special which was a mix of salted caramel, melted chocolate, pistachios, hazelnuts and cream. I just think a dollop of ice cream would have made it even more exciting.

Thirty odd food and drink stalls and 4 days of food mania. For those who missed out this time, I’m sure their next event isn’t too far away. Let’s wait.


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