Gourmet Burger Kitchen

P1050114The name just says it all doesn’t it? Being a burger fanatic, this was one place I just had to try. Having passed on previous chances to step into the inner halls of what promised to be a gourmet burger experience, I finally decided that a long day’s walk along and about the banks of the Thames in the cold definitely warranted some good burger munching.  The lucky joint was the one near the St.Pauls Cathedral. Nothing like biting into a juicy burger with church bells striking in the background is there? I kid of course, that’s probably not the best way to enjoy a good burger.

What I liked: You get free monkey nuts (peanuts) from a sack-full that you can scoop into a glass and get cracking on whilst waiting for your food to arrive. Also, the ‘skinny fries’ which didn’t seem all that deep fried and oily and tasted more like proper but skinny potato chips or strings.

What I didn’t like: That you have to go up to the counter/bar to order your food after having found a chair and a table number.  Some of the tables are too close to each other and again, something which I see here in London is that you are a little cramped for space in many restaurants.

IMG-20121223-WA0006What I loved: The Buffalo Burger and the onion rings. I’ve just got one word for them both. Amazalicious. Yeah, I decided to club the words amazingly and delicious together for that. I was in two minds on whether to go for the ‘Bah Humburger’ special of the season or the ‘Buffalo Burger’ but since the server decided to solve my predicament and recommended the buffalo burger, I thought, well, why not! Not having had buffalo meat before, I wasn’t exactly sure how it could beat a beef patty, but boy do I take that thought back now. Less fatty and greasy, the buffalo patty beats the beef patty hands down any day. No contest there. The patty was soft, juicy and so full of flavour oozing out of it that writing about it has made me crave one right now. It’s a no fuss burger with just the patty, a light sauce and a couple of lettuce slices nestled in between a toasted sesame seeded bun. The onion rings on the other hand are greasy, crispy and probably one of the best I’ve had ever.

IMG-20121223-WA0007What else: Being an exclusive burger joint, you would definitely expect an extensive burger menu and a look at the menu will confirm that you are in the right place to satisfy your burger pangs of hunger. They also have a few ‘amazing milkshakes’ on the drinks menu. I think the ‘Wild Boar Burger’ is next on my ‘to try’ list.

P.S: Forgive my poor shots since I ran out of juice on my camera and had to make do with my friend’s mobile cam.

For directions, menu, ratings and more, visit http://www.zomato.com/london/gourmet-burger-kitchen-city-of-london


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