The Mo Burger

The Mo Burger

I know that I’m a month late with this post and I’ve been meaning to put it up but somehow never got around to it. But if you want to get your hands on one of these specials, you’re going to have to wait another 11 more months till the next Movember campaign runs its course and Byron unleashes their moustachioed burger or rather just the ‘Mo Burger’ for the cause. If you do want to try their special for the month, they’ve still got their ‘Triple Cheese Burger’ running till the 3rd of January to help you out on that few extra pounds.

For the uninitiated, the Movember movement is a global campaign to raise awareness on men’s health where each registered Mo Bro grows a moustache for the entire month to raise funds for the cause. Byron, again managed to raise over £60,000 in 2012 in keeping with their fund raising last year and I’m glad I did at least contribute a 50p through the digestion of one Mo Burger.

The Mo Burger had a 6oz patty in a sesame seeded glazed bun and was covered in oodles of cheese with a dill and mustard dressing. Yum! Though I thought the glazed bun would take a bit of the juiciness out of the patty, I was wrong and it was delicious. The salted cucumber was a different pick over the tried and tested gherkins that you normally get and though I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love that bit. No tomatoes and the pickled red onion, salted cucumber, iceberg lettuce were all on the bottom bun which isn’t a positive for me. And if I were you, I would pick the fries over the onion rings at Byron. The service is prompt and friendly but they do sometimes seem in a hurry to get your bill. It’s a happening burger joint though so what more could you expect.


Located in Hoxton Square, it’s bustling over the weekends and you’ll probably have to wait a bit for a table. They’ve a patio seating for a burger bite in finer weather and a main level with a view of the chefs cooking your patties and salads and a basement which I see now is decorated with wall art. The place does get a little cramped with tables placed very close to the other and the dark furniture and green  walls downstairs gives you a feeling of being in a dark damp place but the bright lights make up for that.  So if you’re ever in a Byron neighbourhood, be sure to pop in and try their ‘proper hamburgers’ as they like to call it and you probably won’t end up disappointed.

For a larger picture of this joint and the menu, visit



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