And there, staring at me from the menu was the ‘Giraffe’ burger. Wait a minute, hold your horses now, because it’s not a burger made from giraffe meat if that’s what you were thinking. Fortunately, it’s just the name of the main burger named after the restaurant itself. No second thoughts about picking my lunch and order it I did, and what I got was a deliciously tasting patty made from British farm assured beef (at least that’s what it said on the menu), a layer of crispy and smoky bacon over the patty sandwiched in a bun along with cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and dill pickle and served with fries and a sweetly spicy tomato relish on the side. The bun was a little dense though and should have been softer ideally, but anyway, tuck into it I did. The patty was medium cooked and was not greasy even with the slightly melted cheddar running over it but it definitely wasn’t thick which was a letdown. I usually prefer having all the extras at the side or on top of the patty with nothing coming in the way of the patty and the bottom half the bun, but the couple of pickles at the bottom half did nothing to hurt the juiciness of the burger. The fries, or chips as they call it in London, were pretty good. Thick strips, fried to a light golden and slightly salted, it did go along well with the relish.

After jumping in with the burger review right at the start, I’ll swing it around to the restaurant itself. Giraffe is seemingly popular in the U.K and with the restaurant gathering quite a few food awards here as well, a few of us decided to see what the fuss was all about one Sunday afternoon. The place was packed and it had been so for the two hours we had been in the area but we decided to give it a shot anyway. Touting the words ‘Global food…World Music’ as their tagline, the place definitely had a nice ethnic mix of people from all parts of the world and some good loud tracks playing over the speakers. With plenty of seating on the outside and inside the restaurant, we decided to place ourselves on the high stools at the bar. What I like here is that the bar seating is an oval extension that runs from the main bar slab which allows people to chomp on their food without crowding up the drinks area. There are comfortable sofa booths towards one end of the restaurant for a more private dining environment as well.

The servers were friendly and quick with the order and with the bringing of the bill when we called for it but the rush hour ensured that the food did take a bit of time in getting to our table. They do have a world menu though laced with some American steaks, Italian pizzas and pastas, Indo-chinese noodles, Thai stir fries and Spanish enchiladas.

Overall, a pretty satisfying lunch which could have been made better with a thicker patty and a softer bun and a place which I would definitely recommend for a burger.

Location: Spitalfields Market, London
Cost for two: Approximately £30 for a meal for two. (Including alcohol and without service charge)
Overall rating: 7.5/10


4 thoughts on “Giraffe

  1. Hi Nithin

    My name is Lea, I’m contacting you from Old Spitalfields. Unfortunately we’ve lost our inbox but I’ve been trying to contact you regarding the reporter application – could you drop me a message at lea Thank you!

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