Location: Piazza, UB City, Bangalore

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern

Ambience & Interiors: Night-time is definitely the best time to visit this place and indulge oneself in a wonderful dinner while being pampered by some exquisite service. Having two sections of seating, I would recommend the semi-alfresco seating for the those who enjoy a little loud dinner. As you sip and munch, let your eyes take in the fountains in all its colour and glory and the nicely lit up UB tower a short distance away. With seating available for couples and even larger groups, you can sit back and do some people watching as well.

For diners looking for some solitude and quiet whilst reveling in their meal, there is always the indoor section. This I must say blew me away. Greenish blue cushioned chairs, comfortable sofa style seating, brown cushioned straight backed chairs and candle lit tables, high (really high) ceilings and on the far end, a huge mirror that is slightly inclined and which gives a full view of the entire dining area. They also have a bar with high stool and a cigeratte area with cosy chairs and a low table. But what I really loved was the view of the kitchen where we can watch the chefs practice their skills for us. Offering a glass view of the inside of the kitchen, (even the ledges are lit by candles and flowers) there is probably no better way to pass time while your dishes are being prepared. The place is beautifully lit up by candles and the music played ranged from old classics to modern house and R&B. Perfect lighting, music and an ambience that really captures your mood.

Rating: 10/10

Food & Beverage


1. Falafel with Tarator Dip: For the unitiated, falafel is made with chickpeas that is ground and then deep fried into small balls. And the tarator dip is a yoghurt and cucumber based dip traditionally serves with mezzes. The presentation of the dish was excellent. 5 mini falafels (more flat than round) skewered on a long stick, served with a tarator dip and another dip as well. A small bowl of green veggies were also served on the side. Now for the taste, the falafels were crispy and and served hot though I would have preferred it being more round and less flat. The tarator dip also complimented it very well.

Rating: 8.5/10

2. Hummus bi Lahm: Served along with 4 mini pita breads, the hummus bi lahm (lamb) is authentically Middle Eastern. This lightly spiced lamb is served on a bowl of hummus along with a few sticks of carrot, celery and green,red and yellow capsicum on the side. The lamb was soft and minced nicely and the hummus was excellent and not too strong in its taste. A few sliced almonds were also sprinkled on the top. The presentation could have been with a little more colour though and looked a little bland but that didn’t extend to the taste.

Rating: 9/10


The ‘Mixed Vegetable and Mushroom Shish Kabab’ was our pick for the night. Now this dish could have been done a little better. It was well presented and served with pita bread, a tahini dip, a red sauce and fresh green veggies on the side. Generous portions of the mushrooms were also served. However, some of the mushrooms could have done with a little more kabab grilling and did taste raw and undercooked. Though spiced well, it didn’t quite bring out the juiciness you tend to find in kababs.

Rating: 7.5/10


Having half a mind to try the Baklava ( a dessert of Turkish origin), we felt the ‘Trio of Pannacotta’ would be a more befitting end to a fine dinner and we were not wrong. Three mini cups of panacotta were served; a chocolate, blueberry and a mango flavour and each of them was exquisite. Again, the presentation gets special mention. The panacotta is an Italian dessert made of milk, cream, sugar and gelatin and this one hit the right spot. It was soft, smooth and creamy and the flavours were not overpowering and was a treat to the palate.

Rating: 9.5/10

Unfortunately the Turkish Coffee was unavailable which was disappointing but the Cafe Latte more than made up for it. Not too strong and not too light, we’d rate it right at the top of the lattes we’ve had. Definitely recommended.

Rating: 9.5/10

Service: Hands down, the service at Fava is definitely at the top of all the restaurants I’ve visited. Having initially made a reservation for two, the host was quick to accommodate the  four of us in the inner dining section. The servers knew the menu well and were quick, efficient, friendly and polite. Our server even asked us if he could click our pictures for us even without us having to ask him. The food was brought to us promptly and we were served with crackers and sauce before the start of the meal. He even brought us a few extremely sweet but excellent chocolate balls to go along with dessert. I’m mightily impressed by the service at this place and if you ever want to feel like you want to be treated like a V.I.P, head over to Fava.

Rating: 10/10

Overall Verdict:

Headed by Chef Abhijit Saha (who is also behind Caperberry), one can definitely expect this to be one of the better restaurants in Bangalore without a second thought. The food and drinks menu is prepared with a lot of thought and it’s heartening to see they haven’t drifted too far away from the Med and Middle Eastern concept in the food and dessert. The menu has enough in store ranging from pizzas, pastas and paninis to kababs and mezzes to suit the tastes of every diner. An excellent ambience and location in the Piazza of the luxury mall of Bangalore will definitely keep drawing people to it.

The average cost for two including alcohol (excluding VAT and other taxes) would be around Rs.2000.

Rating: 9.5/10


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