Bangalore Bistro

Location: Near St.Josephs College of Commerce, Brigade Road, Bangalore

Cuisine: World, Mediterranean

Ambience & Interiors: This is a place which prides itself in a sort of beautiful simplicity without being an intrusion or eyesore. You’ll find a few delicately arranged white statues, whitewashed walls and two sections of seating here. The inner section is filled with tables, chairs for dining, round chairs to sit back in for a couple of drinks and a buffet area. The al fresco seating is what captures the simplicity of this place though. Adequately spaced from the surrounding tables with pillars giving a sense of privacy, you’ll find wooden seats and a wooden board (like what you would find in parks) which serve as the seating and table. To add beauty to this and with a touch of creativity, they have filled the length of the table’s centre with water on which they float candles and rose petals which create a very serene and romantic environment.

Rating: 9/10


Food & Drink

Upon placing our order, we were promptly served with a bowl of garlic bread with a slight slathering of cheese and even a couple of slice of veg bruschetta. A perfect start.

Beverage: We ordered for an Oreo Shake which had crushed Oreo pieces in a rich vanilla chocolate smoothie. Pretty good I’d say though I would recommend you try another drink which actually complements your choice of food.

Rating: 8/10

Entrees: We picked out a ‘Dijon and Tarragon Chicken’ and a ‘Mushy Gnochhi’ to act as our stomach fillers for the night and they were definitely a good choice.

The ‘Dijon and Tarragon Chicken’ was grilled chicken breast served with a lemon mustard sauce, veggies on the side and saffron rice. The chicken was succulent, soft and juicy with the flavours in tact due to the grilling. The quantity served was very healthy as well since there were three portions of the chicken.

Rating: 9/10

The ‘Mushy Gnocchi’ is exactly as it sounds; mushroom and potato dumplings in a creamy spinach which wasn’t lumpy or too hard and easy to dig into. It had a certain warmth and richness to it.

Rating: 9/10

Service: Having to be elsewhere by 8:30, we stepped in for a quick dinner. The restaurant was still preparing to open its doors for the night but were quick to accommodate us. Initially we were told that our orders might take a bit of time coming but this changed when we told them of our hurry and they were quick and efficient with the orders and the bill. The service was polite and unobtrusive which was a welcome change from the service of many other top restaurants.

Rating: 9.5/10


Overall Verdict:  Housed on the top floor of a nondescript building in a street that is not too brightly lit kind of makes this restaurant a little hard to find. But in finding it, you discover a little gem of a place. Even though my visit to this place was around three back, being able to distinctly remember the dishes and service is testament to the good time we had there. The menu though not extremely extensive kept it simple and covered the necessary, though a few more to choose from in the appetizers would have been good. They also have a hookah menu for the smokers. The al fresco section then could have done with a bit of a polishing up and a few more green plants would have set the perfect ambience. I don’t know how things have changed with time, but I hope it has for the better because this is one place you would want to give a try.
The overall cost for two would be around Rs.1,500 (excluding alcohol).

Rating: 9/10

N.B: The review is based on the experiences and prices that dates back almost three years. Things could have changed.


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