Hard Rock Cafe

An inviting entrance to an old Victorian Book Society

After my 4th visit to the HRC, I’ve finally decided to review it. Not because the earlier visits did not merit a review, but back then I hadn’t begun a food blog. This review is about my most recent visit to try out their specials at the ‘Legendary Burger Festival’ that’s happening this month. I shall also add in bits and pieces and not to forget pictures of my previous food exploits and visits to the HRC.

Location: St.Marks Road, Bangalore

Cuisine: American

Music memorabilia on stone walls-top to bottom

Ambience & Interiors: At HRC, they say that no two cafe’s of theirs in the world has the same architectural style and if you take the time to go through pictures of the HRC’s located across the breadth and length of the world, you will find that it’s true. The one at Bangalore is housed in an old British Book Society building which is very Victorian and reminds one of the the by gone era. As you sit there and dine and drink in a castle like atmosphere, you get the feeling you have been transported to a time far removed from now. Beautifully lit interiors, the choicest music memorabilia that you can let your eyes feast on, LCD’s playing classic rock videos and the classic rock and rock and roll music playing at the perfect volumes is what makes up a Hard Rock. The one in Bangalore has three distinct dining sections. As the wooden door open and you enter, you have the option of turning left through an arch to a separate area where you have tables and chairs to relax and dine in peace. And if you are inclined to just lounge in sofas or couches with a group of friends or sit at the bar and drown a drink or two, you can always choose to go through the stone arch on the right (This is also where the

Under the skies

performance stage is-right above the bar). For those who  have the inclination to sit out in the open and enjoy the weather with trees at close quarters and a mini bar where you can watch them mix your drinks, there’s ample seating for that as well.

Rating: 10/10

Food and Drink

Having stepped into HRC with the sole intention of trying out their Legendary Burgers at the ‘Legendary Burger Festival’ happening all this month, it wasn’t tough to forego their main menu and take our pick from their special LBF menu.  Not in the mood for any appetizers, we decided to go in for a couple of burgers and what they like to call an ‘alternative rock’ on the drinks menu which translates to a mocktail.

Beverage: Groupie Grind – Now I’m not entirely sure why they’ve named it so but it’s a pina colada mix with a strawberry mix served as cold as they come and it’s one of the better mocktails on the menu.

Rating: 9/10


We decided to go Middle Eastern on the LBF and picked out a  ‘Lebanese Beef Burger’ and ‘Lebanese Veg Burger’. The beef version came topped with shawarma spices, middle eastern pickled veggies and a tahini dip. And boy, was

The Lebanese Beef Burger

it delicious! The beef patty was soft, tender and juicy and covered with melted cheddar cheese. The bun was soft and the burger was not messy. The patty had the sprinkling of pickled veggies on the top. Served with crispy fried potato wedges, fresh lettuce and tomatoes on the side, this burger hit the spot.

Rating: 9.5/10

The veg version was a crispy felafel patty topped with paneer (though the taste of paneer somehow seemed to be missing a little) and mozzarella slices  served with wedges but we got it changed for crispy fries. A very good choice it was again.

The Lebanese Felafel Burger

Rating: 9/10


On our previous visits to HRC, we were a bit disappointed with the lethargic service. And this wasn’t just once mind you but on two separate occasions. Somehow, they just don’t want to smile at you. But this time was a little different and we were served by Mr.Khan (who had to take off after a while since his shift had ended) but here was someone finally at HRC, Bangalore who was prompt and friendly. He was also quick to bring us a change of fries for wedges when we asked him to. They did however forget to serve us with water and mid-way through our meal we had to ask for it. A bit too forgetful if you ask me.

Rating: 8.5/10

Overall Verdict

If you’re ever in a city with an HRC, it’s always worth stepping into if you want some great burgers and drinks, fine rock music and a look at their excellent music memorabilia and the one at Bangalore is no exception. They’ve got options for the vegetarians as well and the menu in India is tailor made to the local scene. They even have a small section on the menu titled ‘Namma Bengaluru’. Their burgers are a definite must try. The service at HRC, Bangalore however could do with some improvement.
The average cost for two (excluding alcohol) would come in the range of Rs.1,500-2,000.

Overall Rating: 9/10

A Berrilicious, classic 8 oz burger, paneer tikka shashlik, veg spring rolls and a chocolate caramel cheesecake

A sandwich and burger, the names of which I don’t remember and Crispy Calamari Rings.


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