Weird? Maybe not too much

A chef’s day out or in this case, up!

Now I don’t know the reason why Reuters has decided to classify these restaurants under the weird category because some of them certainly aren’t. Innovative yes, weird no. I certainly love the theme of some of the restaurants on that list. Here’s a few that caught my eye for the creativity behind it and not the weirdness. 

The ‘Buns and Guns’ in Lebanon is a smart name with a twisted theme of the constant spate of strife and conflicts in the area. The pictures show nothing fancy and it’s made to look exactly what its name says. The people dining out there look pretty happy as well which probably has something to do with the good food or maybe just good times with no conflicts.  

The Heart Attack Grill in Arizona is definitely something you’d like to pop into only once in a while. And by once in a while, I’d recommend that to be extremely minimal if you really want your heart to keep pumping. Otherwise you’ll be going in for exactly what the burgers are called- a triple or quadruple bypass. The burger in the picture has my mouth watering and as much I would like to try it out, it’s going to be wasted on me. It’s too friggin’ big. I’ve seen restaurants keep a ‘diners served count’, but here they’ve aptly decided to go in for a ‘calories served count’.

The Exchange Bar in New York is another place that quite caught my attention. I loved the theme if it. Prices on a ticker that keeps fluctuating according to demand. That looks like fun. I wonder if the interior is stock market themed as well leaving aside the ticker. And hopefully for the diners the quality of the food served here doesn’t fluctuate with the demand as well. 

Now for my pick of the weird ones in the lot, there’s definitely the ‘toilet’ themed restaurant in Shenzhen, China. Wouldn’t it be a little disconcerting to have your meal perched upon a toilet seat with a basin table? 

I’ve never been a hentai, anime or manga fan nor do I know if there is any difference between the three terms or anything at all about it but the Edelstein Cafe seems to be a little too weird for my liking. I wouldn’t like to find myself in a restaurant filled with manga characters though I certainly wouldn’t mind a Batman or Spiderman themed restaurant popping up somewhere close to where I live.

A ‘Clothing optional dinner’ at a restaurant in New York City? I can’t even begin to imagine dining at a fancy restaurant in the nude. The very thought makes me laugh. You’ve got nude beaches and now nude restaurants as well!!

There are twenty restaurants on that list so I’ll leave the rest of it for you to check out and decide for yourself which among those you found weird. There’s the link with the slideshow for you to look them up.

There are plenty more out there which have a unique setting and theme or may be too weird for your liking. . So if you happen to come across any, have dined at any or know any for that matter, I’d love to know about it. Let me know what you think.


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