Taste of Darkness (Dialogue in the Dark), Hyderabad

Dialogue in the Dark – For a new perspective

Prepare yourself for a unique dining experience at the ‘Taste of Darkness’ (part of the Dialogue in the Dark experience) in Inorbit Mall, Hyderabad. An experience of dining in complete darkness and an insight into the world of the visually impaired.

Luckily for me I had looked up the restaurant on the internet when a couple of friends suggested that we head there for lunch during my short trip to Hyderabad and wasn’t caught unawares by what lay in store. Once we finished up with the initial instructions and payment at the ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ lobby, we were led into the restaurant and into the world of darkness by a visually challenged waiter for a surprise four course meal and an experience we will never forget.

After we were led expertly to our tables in complete darkness (thankfully without any mishap) with the aid of our visually challenged guide, we started off with the soup. Being in complete darkness and having no clue as to how I would use my forks and knives, I decided to keep the cutlery to the bare minimum. A simple spoon was sufficient enough and when combined with the prowess of my hands, it proved to be quite  an adequate combination for the course of the entire meal. Heading straight into the meal, we began with a minestrone soup which seemed a little too bland for my liking and then chicken wings as appetizers which turned out to be fine. The main course of Mexican rice, Hungarian chicken and salad was then brought out but it didn’t turn out to be anything special. Dessert didn’t disappoint me and though I’ve forgotten its name, the mix of pineapple and chocolate in a sort of soft pudding seemed to do the trick. The service was prompt and impeccable between the courses and every single detail was taken care of. I do think that the food could have been of a higher quality which would have further bettered the experience.

Overall, it’s an amazing experience where you picture your food in your head and savour the taste of it more than you would at a normal dining establishment while at the same time gaining a new perspective into the world of the visually challenged. (who I must say, do an incredible job at this place) Feeling your way around your food, letting it roll in your mouth to try and guess what it is that you are eating and letting yourself be calmed by an overwhelming sense or should I say lack of sight where you may at times feel powerless is really something out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately the complete lack of light prevented me from being able to get any pictures of the food or the restaurant which I would loved to have had. A wonderful culinary journey in darkness is what awaits diners and it’s one place you definitely should pay a visit if you’re in Hyderabad.

Food: 6/10 (could have been better, it would have taken the experience a notch higher)
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 10/10 (You have to give it, dining in the dark?)

Note: All sorts of electronic devices, watches or any other light emitting material are not permitted within the restaurant and are to be left behind in the lockers provided.


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