Some of India’s best

It’s a shame that no Indian restaurant has made it to the list of  ‘ The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ‘ (2012) organised by the ‘Restaurant’ magazine every year. We’ve got some mighty fine one’s in contention though that could maybe one day work its way up the list and grace even the top 10. The list for the top 50 in Asia comes out early in 2013 and I, for one, hope to see a couple of restaurants from India on that. It’s not too hard is it, especially when we’ve got our own reply to the Gordon Ramsays, Anthony Bourdains and Thomas Kellers of the world in the form of Hemant Oberoi, Imtiaz Qureshi, Vineet Bhatia (Michelin starred) and Manu Chandra running some fine restaurants in India. Indians are still waking up to the idea of gourmet dining but it’ll hopefully catch up fast, for nothing beats a fine meal in the perfect setting to unwind after a tough day.

The sun, the sea, the sand and the perfect lunch

For now, here’s the list of the top restaurants in India as listed in Luxpresso –

1. Bukhara, New Delhi
2. Koh, Mumbai
3. Travertino, New Delhi
4. Zen, Bangalore
5. Wasabi by Morimoto, Mumbai
6. Villa 39, Mumbai
7. Karavali, Bangalore
8. Italia, Chennai
9. The Wharf, Chennai-Mahaballipuram
10. Sakura, New Delhi

Personally, I love the idea of ‘The Wharf’ on the ECR. The name’s perfect and the setting idyllic for a lazy weekend brunch or dinner at sunset.

Here’s the link to the above list for more on the restaurants :


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